Rebecca Brodskis - Identity affairs


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Rebecca Brodskis - Identity affairs

Rebecca Brodskis – Untitled

“I was only interested in myself, and in such a skillful way that I considered
myself free, even after I’d been living in a very strange foreign, hermetic world
for a long time”
Lyric Novella, Annemarie Schwarzenbach



Exhibition: 10th-17th July 11am to 7pm
Opening: Thursday the 10th of July 2014 from 19:00 to 22:00
In our modern time, with the rise of individualism and the fluctuation of social organizations, human identities are becoming increasingly complex and contradictory. Facing the gradual disintegration of physical social links, individuals are now forced into a space of isolation, resulting in the diffraction of personal direction and identity.

This exhibition is composed of three parts, which aims to construct a chronological

Berlin identity: A series of portraits of the influential women of the Weimar Republic: Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Erika Mann, Marianne Breslauer… A series of paintings inspired by the Rossellini’s film Germany Year Zero. The film depicts a young boy’s search for his identity amongst the ruins of the Second World War. And lastly, a series of portraits, which illustrates the myriad identities of Berlin’s contemporary youth–free, tormented, lively and vibrant. This moment in history is also represented by a series of videos by young Berlin-based artists interested in the concept of identity; Dorothée Recker, Inku Agop, Vesselin Atanassov, Tom N Garber, Manuela Morales, Leon von Pullerhaun.

Text by Dalia Vann

About the artist:
Rebecca Brodskis was born in 1988. She spent most of her childhood travelling and living between France and Morocco. She studied painting at the ateliers des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris and at Central St.Martins College of Art and Design in London. Shortly thereafter, she worked in New York City as the assistant to the Norwegian artist Lars Laumann. After some time in New York, Brodskis returned to Europe and chose Berlin as her new home base. Having always been attracted by theoretical studies, she is now completing a Masters degree in sociology on the themes of vulnerability and social crisis.

Her paintings could be described as a journey through the oneiric, a dream state that is perpetually in-between. The images emerge from a variety of sources, sometimes inspired by a photograph or a memory. While the paintings contain figurative elements, details are reduced in order to allow a sense of blurriness to overcome the images. The characters are never set in a recognizable landscape, in order to cast aside the initial expectations of the viewer. Elements from the real, rational world are painted in a manner that reduces their tangibility. These artistic strategies allow the imagination to flow, liberating our ability for interpretation and inserting us into the very makeup of an in-between structure.
Live band on the night of the opening:

The Duo from Berlin formed in 2012.
Playful and tempting Indie-pop, challenging and complex: Combining strong guitar riffs and wavy synthesizer sounds with chilled harmonizing vo- cals of both members. The clever songwriting is complimented by a mixture of electronic and live sounds.

Panic Tree – Blood Fountain (Official Video)
Since the release of the debut EP in April 2013 (described by acclaimed artist Kat Frankie as “stunning …tender, tart and completely captivating”) the new year finds CREATURES―aka Luke Troynar―swiftly gathering momentum and gathering likeminded musical companions―Jonny Zoum―to build a dynamic live act that captures and expands the brooding cinematic force layered within the delicate and restrained, yet powerful, songs that make up the unique CREATURES sound.

CREATURES | Mirror Mirror
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