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48 Hours übergründe Fly_spray Photo Exhibition + Clockyangé

  Exhibition: June 27 – July 08 Exhibition opening for 48 Hours NK >>Friday, June 27 starting at 19:00 Photography exhibition: Collaborative Works of Dina Schweiger and Joshua Head Collaborative Works of Torsten Solin and Joshua Head also Torsten Solin’s Broken Mirrors series. Dina Schwieger and Joshua […]


Reecard Farché film program

In connection with the exhibition  “48 Hours übergründe Fly_spray Photo Exhibition + Clockyangé” Reecard Farché will be showing films in the Saunema from June 27 – July 07.



TRANSMISSION SIMULACRUM – quantum teleportation Saturday, June 14, 19:00 Artists: Seela Jousi (Finland) Irma Entenmann (Germany) Fabian Tombers (Germany)             AVB-LAB Berlin is thrilled to announce the successful international Quantum Teleportation of an original artwork from TAMPERE, FINLAND to BERLIN, […]