Luke Brown °visionary° works of art and sculptures

Exhibition, Program

lb_2_beitragLuke Brown °visionary° works of art and sepultures exhibition.

Opening: Friday 3rd of October 2014 from 20:00 onwards.
Exhibition: October 3rd – October 08
Tues-Sat. 11:00 -19:00



About the artist:

“Luke Brown is an intrepid explorer, part of a new generation of visionaries reconstructing the templates of culture as we know it. His art speaks of the spiritual mysteries in the human imagination.
Mystical experiences, dreams, medicine journeys, and channelled lucid dialogues with the source of creativity itself, seem to guide and be guided by the colourful symmetries and living surfaces of his art. Much of his work emerges from a graceful synthesis of digital and painting mediums. Developing his work through mix and remix technologies, Luke is constantly redefining his style as a spiritual medium for growth. He is intent on mapping his hyperspatial experiences with utmost accuracy, with whichever medium seems best suited, as a form of multidimensional cartography.”


Program for this magical evening:


Luke Brown painting performance




Luke Brown art collection slides and assorted documentaries